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Mozambique, 2500 Km’s of relatively pristine, turquoise blue waters and rich in marine life. Mozambique is a snorkeling and diving dream come true.  From the relatively easy to access resorts in the south around Ponta Do Ouro to the archipelagos of Bazaruto and the Quirembas north towards the Tanzanian border, Mozambique offers such a varied, rich and unexplored coastline that it is simply a must on anyone’s bucket list. 

The southern areas of Mozambique, namely Ponta Do Ouro to Inhaca Island are very popular diving destinations for South African tourists with some good shore entry snorkeling at many sites. Pretty much anywhere there is a peninsular at spring low tide, you will find fun spots to go snorkeling. Towards Inhacha Island there are some excellent, very accessible reefs that are ideal for beginner snorkelers to explore. Ponta Do Ouro is also very popular for being able to snorkel with Dolphins!

Further north, from Xai Xai to Tofu to Bazaruto to Pemba, snorkeling spots abound. Some better than others, some offering snorkeling experiences that can’t easily be had elsewhere, such as snorkeling with Whale Sharks in Tofu / Inhambane.

The further north you travel, the trickier it is to get around, luckily most the island resorts and better snorkeling spots in Mozambique have a very well established tourism infrastructure and you can get almost anywhere, be comfortable and have fun (at a price of course)

The water is always warm, even in the dead of winter, Mozambican waters seldom drop below 25 Degrees. Added to this the ocean is full of incredible life, Manta Rays, Turtles, Whale Sharks and a host of little things to keep the most avid snorkeler well entertained. So if white sands, classic African experiences, a spot on the rough side and gorgeous flat blue seas do it for you, then we recommend a bit of an explore. Snorkeling in Mozambique is full of treasures to be discovered. After all, there is enough coastline here to keep you snorkeling a new spot in Mozambique for pretty much the rest of your life.

The main snorkeling spots covered in Mozambique are

Ponta Do Ouro (Snorkeling with Dolphins)

Inhaca Island

Xai Xai

Inhambane and Tofu 

Villankulos and Bazaruto area

Nuarro area

Pemba and the Quirembas islands

There are many many more and please feel free to contact us and we will be only to happy to include extra information on new snorkeling spots for you.


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