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For any outdoor and wildlife enthusiast, Madagascar is considered the holy grail and especially so if you enjoy snorkeling. Snorkeling in Madagascar is especially popular around the northern islands of Nosy Be.

Madagascar's long isolation from the neighboring continents has resulted in a unique mix of plants and animals, many found nowhere else in the world. This has led some ecologists to refer to Madagascar as the "eighth continent". ….and when it comes to snorkeling and exploring ocean life, Nosy-be (meaning “big island”) on the north west coast of Madagascar somehow must find it’s way to the top of your bucket list.

Marvelous beaches and coral reefs, numerous nearby desert islands, all await the lucky traveller. The island of Nosy-be itself is 24 km long and 18 km wide, known for its many ylang ylang trees, clove and other herb plantations. Because of the different scents, Nosy-be is often referred to as the Perfume Island. Snorkeling is a must around Nosy-be, especially considering its close proximity to numerous smaller nearby islands in the archipelago, allowing for exciting new snorkelling spots almost every day, Nosy Tanikely and Nosy Komba (Lemur Island) being the most popular.

Nosy Tanikely (located only a few miles south of Nosy-be) is a tiny, uninhabited island surrounded by patches of shallow coral and sandy beaches, famous for its marine reserve teeming with underwater flora and fauna, allowing visitors the chance for some superb snorkeling in warm waters with great visibility, where snorkelers can discover angelfish, clown fish, puffer fish, spotted stingrays while having the unforgettable experience of swimming alongside Green Turtles in shallow water.


Lemurs are a fantastic attractiuon to enjoy on many of the isaldns in between snorkeling trips around Nosy be

Nosy Komba is a small volcanic island just southeast of Nosy-be, where a pretty village called Ampangorinana sprawls along the northern beach. It is an enchanting spot, with amiable inhabitants going fishing when tourists are not around. The secret of the island, the 5000 resident Black Lemurs which are considered sacred by the locals and thus safe from any human danger. The island also has several gentle, safe and easy snorkelling sites. Between island hopping, lemurs, endemic birds, chameleons and incredible marine life, we doubt you will want to leave Nosy-be in rush!


Island hopping by boat is the prefect way to get around and enjoy snorkeling the many little islands around Nosy be 


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