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Join us for one of our, fun, informative low tide rocky shore walks at Chaka's Rock Beach, one of our favourite spots for finding cool critters and an amazing evening out for the entire family.

What to expect?

The walk is a gentle / casual stroll along the Rocky Shore exploring life in the rock pools. It is not overly strenuous in any way (although the rocks can be dangerously slippery sometimes if you're not firm footed) we hope to see creatures such as octopus, colourful sea slugs, bumblebee shrimp, strange crabs, moray eels as well as a range of other more usual animals you do not normally get to see during the heat of the day. We also bring UV lights with us, allowing you to see the incredible world of coral and zoanthids glowing under UV light, it's a sight to see!

The walks are led by Andre Steenkamp and Elzaane Oodendaal, both highly experienced and passionate guides and qualified environmental educators, these guides really make the experience exciting and interesting with their wealth of knowlegde.

White-spotted Octopus, a lucky highlight on our night walks

Coral & Zoanthids under UV light - an amazing sight

We have had to restricted numbers to a maximum of 15 people to each walk ensure everyone gets a GREAT experience and gets to interact with us.

Bring the family, enjoy being on the beach after dark, you see a totally different side of our coastline. Guaranteed to be fun and extremely informative. Cost, R150 per person.


We meet at the stairs closest to Taspa Experience, Ocean Drive, Chaka's Rock. Meeting time varies depending on the tides, but we will confirm times with you when you book and generally between 18h30 and 19h00

What to bring?

  • Good walking shoes that you don't mind getting wet (sandals and flip flops can be very slippery if you do not have a firm footing)
  • Walking stick (to help avoid slipping on slippery rocks)
  • A good torch
  • We also encourage people to bring a plastic bag to help us collect any trash / litter we may find along the way ...every bit helps


R150 per person.

Bookings Essential

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