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We (obviously) love snorkeling and we also love our neighborhood, Ballito, Salt Rock and the entire North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal is a gem of a spot to be on holiday and live. 

People are always asking, what can we do in the Ballito area with kids or we are visiting Salt Rock with our family this weekend? What can we do to keep the children entertained? …and we always say, go for a snorkel (not just because it's our business).... and here is why we think that a snorkel around the Ballito area is one of the best things to do with children when on holiday

Snorkeling exposes children to a world they have never seen before. Fish loads of fish and a variety of fish. The excitement and uniqueness of snorkeling is never missed on children. 

Snorkeling around the Ballito / Salt Rock area with Tidal Tao is extremely safe, the waters are shallow and very well protected from the ocean. In fact, just a quick visit to any of the North Coast’s tidal pools is a must do when visiting the Salt Rock or Ballito areas

Snorkeling helps overactive children to relax and breath. In fact snorkeling has even been used as treatment for ADD because of the relaxing effect it has. The total distraction from anything in the “real world” allows for children to disappear into an underwater wonderland. 

The oceans are special and the incredible marine life along the shores of Ballito is a great example of this diversity of life. When looking for things for children to do on holidays, ask yourself, is this fun and will my child learn something from this? With one of Tidal Tao’s Snorkeling Safaris, we spend time teaching your children about the different marine life, the different fish, urchins and the role they play in the environment. 

You’re exposing your children to a potentially new life long hobby, from snorkeling they can develop into scuba divers and a range of underwater hobbies, which can even turn into a career.  Being under the ocean is something you simply have to experience ….I wish I had been exposed to snorkeling at a younger age! 

So next time you’re wondering what you can do with the kids in Ballito or Salt Rock (or even Durban for that matter) consider giving them an experience of a lifetime. These are things your children will not experience anywhere else, and hopefully leave them enriched, excited and in love with mother nature and our oceans.



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